Bathing Types

Bathing daytime and water temperature affects us mentally and physically. Depending on what is desired or needed, the right daytime and water temperature matters greatly. The range from early to late and from hot, to warm and cold water, comprises very different bathing moods and scopes of application.

Having a look at the different bathing types below, reveals how tight we actually are bound to the use of water for bathing, which has developed throughout thousands of years and when having a closer look, it even started to evolve long before humans were joining live on earth.

Over the time distinctive bathing types have each taken their particular spot in being of great and true benefit to our body and mind. The intuition for water, for when, for which temperature and for how long, is deeper anchored in us than we might first imagine. It is an instinct that our skin, posture and mind respond to already, just when thinking about it.

The availability of a private bath at home and bathing supplies right round the corner in the shop, or nowadays even the endless variety of exotic and or not locally available items over the internet, have done their own to intensify bathing as a pure pleasure, while being a benefit in any direction to think of.

In this article bathing is separated by bathing daytime and temperature. To browse, explore and to get inspired about the different bathing types.

  • The info given here is meant for adult people in a healthy state and not being pregnant.
  • For pregnant women, small kids or babies or people with a health condition, please referto according information sources.

Bathing Times

Starting the Day With a Bath in the Morning

Between F° 97-103 (C° 36-40)

Taking a bath in the morning dispels tiredness and flushes toxicants out of the body. A morning bath has this very certain mood of positive energy for the day and promotes placing in mind the days plans in advance in a relaxed mood. What can be a better start into the day than having the coffee during a morning bath once in a while? The ideal water temperature is around Fº 97 (Cº 36) for freshness and to energize.

Lazing, Reading, Being Together

Daytime Bathing

Between F° 104-111 (C° 40-44)

Bathing during the day is the extra comfort for free time, weekends and when your senses just tell you that you need the pleasure of a feel good bath right now. Lingering in a warm, ambrosial bath, reading a book or just continuing nice thoughts and feels in the weightlessness of water. This is a perfect time to enjoy a bath together too. To dim out all distraction and to be close with each other. When did you have a chance for bathing together last time anyways ?

A daytime bath is something special. Something that enriches the whole following day and that is great to benefit from. Since time mostly is too little, reserve some time for a daytime bath from time to time.

Switching Over to Smooth and Cheerful
The Evening Bath

Between F° 97–100 (C° 36-38)

If you have plans for the evening, then you should take a shorter bath of about 15 minutes, to keep the drive and prevent from getting too cozy too early. Leave the efforts and bustle of the day behind and change to your smooth and cheerful mood for the evening. With a medium water temperature and a refreshing bathing additive such as rosemary or orange, you’ll be restored and set up fantastically for picking up on your evening plans.

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Preparing for a Cozy Sleep | Bathing at Night

About F° 99 (C° 37)

To deeply relax and prepare for recreative sleep, a bath after 9pm is ideal. A warmer but not hot bathing temperature slows down the temper, anticipating a healthy and deep sleep. Since one usually is tired and ready to sleep already, the bathing experience in the night is different than at other day times. Consciousness. mood and thoughts are on the gentle side of life  while fading out the day and attuning for the dreams to come.

Bathing Temperatures

Very Hot Bathing

Between F° 104-108 (C° 40-42)

Very hot water temperatures are used in the Japanese bathing culture, where the main purpose of taking a hot bath is to deeply relax at the end of the day. These water temperatures are clearly higher than western standards and rather strain the circulation and cellular connective tissue of an untrained bather. Bathing duration not mare than 10 minutes.

Hot Bathing

Between F° 100-104 (C° 38-40)

Bathing in hot water stimulates the immune system, increases the circulation and often is used for therapeutic bathing. It increases the heart rate during bathing, which promotes calmness and even tiredness thereafter. Hot water is not as calming and relaxing during the bath as bathing with lower temperatures. Depending on the bathing duration, hot water dissolves the skin’s natural lipids, which should be balanced out by the use of a good moisturizing body lotion after bathing.

Warm Bathing

Between F° 95-100 (C° 35-38)

A warm bath is the heart & soul of bathing. Body & mind processes run optimally around body temperature. This is where both can really relax and the most types of enjoying a bath take place. Be it musing, pondering or reflecting, switching to a good mood, to start-, accompany-, or finish the day, time out or resetting for things to come, to enjoy time alone or being together, you name it.
The body just feels safe and secure, lays off all barriers and tensions, and is ready, sensitized and in tune to receive pampering of senses and components of the physical body down to the finest points.
Bathing ingredients of the widest application range unfold their properties and value for the body & mind at best.
The body is suspended from reacting to divergent temperatures and the duration of a warm bath can be as long as 30 min. or over, depending on your skins condition. For good skin care soaking time is limited to prevent excessive dissolving of the skin’s natural lipids. A good moisturizing body lotion after bathing will balance the skin again, and provides this wonderful revitalized, clean and fresh body feeling after a relaxing bath.

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Lukewarm Bathing

Between F° 86-95 (C° 30-35)

The desire for a lukewarm bath is rather rare but yet unmistakable. The overheated body requests to be cooled down from such as excessive activity or hot weather and rewards granting with this deeply pleasant feel of temperature balancing impact. The stage of relief from overheat is a great enjoy and promotes that certain kind of recreation feeling that touches deep senses, creates feel good goose bumps and brings you straight back to well being. Bathing duration can be as short as 5-10 min., since the body quickly responds to lower than body temperatures and it starts feeling cold. Either the right time to get off the tub, or … if still in lingering mood … adding some hot water, adjusting the bathing temperature to the updated feel good range and to continue relaxing body and mind, thoughts and spinning ideas, from the angle of the water level.

Cold Bathing

Between F° 50-86 (C° 10-30)

A cold bath is the no. 1 refresh booster and regularly exercised by cold bath lovers in the morning. Though one first must become accustomed to cold bathing, people gotten used to it, swear on it to cause a great body feeling and for all of the health benefits it comes with. Cold bathing abruptly increases and drives the body’s and skin’s blood circulation, causes deep breathing at high respiration frequency that opens up the deeper capillaries of the lungs, makes the heart to beat at a fast rate that floods all organs with a push of oxygen and the skin tightens and feels velvety soft and strong. Each time the whole organism receives a short, yet powerful health therapy. No wonder cold baths are perceived and known to be greatly healthy and to strengthen the body’s and mind’s resistance throughout the requirements of the day.

Very Cold Bathing

Between F° 40-50 (C° 5-10)

Ice water bathing probably was the first therapy ever and still is exercised in regions with freezing temperatures. Being quite a philosophy, it mainly is meant to steel health, sure has a multiplied effect to the body reactions as described for cold bathing and probably exudes certitude to be armored and prepared to what ever encounters you in life. To apply, pour 2 one gallon sacs of ice cubes in the 2/3 full cold water tub. Lay yourself inside and try to enjoy. Since there is not much time you can withstand the ice water temperature, it’s good to in turns leave water to acclimate and then go back in for another freeze and so on. Terminate before shivering.

Alternating Bathing

Heat Up & Cool Down

Between F° 100-104 (C° 38-40) and fresh air.

Alternating bathing is similar to having a sauna and can be as deeply relaxing and pleasant. Rotational warm and cold alteration during bathing, trains the capillaries to expand and contract, which strengthens the immune system due to the greater range and quicker response of adjusting the flow in the body and the stronger detoxification through the pumping effect of the temperature alteration to the body’s adjustment.
The other great feature of alternating bathing is to enjoy the very pleasant feel of the body’s re-cool and re-heat each time you alternate, which makes it an all in all great duo of benefiting health and enjoying and is great to do together too. The method described here is the soft and enjoy variation, where you in turns heat up your body in the hot bathtub and then step out to fresh air at an open window or outside, to cool your body down again. As the skin soaks less and gets dry when cooling down at fresh air, the duration of alternating bathing can be quite long.




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