Bathing Ingredients and Recipes

Our skin is a permeable organ that expels toxicants out of the body and absorbs applied substances which then can be detected in the body after just a few minutes.
Corresponding to their certain substances, bathing ingredients promote respective effects to skin, inner body, feel and mind, complemented by our sense of smell, which connects directly with the limbic system and evoke memories, associations and emotions.
The savor and effectiveness of bathing ingredients are accompanied by our spirit and devotion to prepare for a great moment, the delight and magic to explore what mother nature bares for us, and finally to enjoy enjoying with a fulfilling sense for a relaxing bath.
The range of applications pretty much covers all particular needs, moods or demands. Be it for soothing, stimulating and invigorating, to strengthen the body or to promote recovering from ailment, bathing ingredients of a broad variety have been identified and assigned to the according occasions and uses throughout the history of all cultures and traditions.

This page is home of a frequently expanding list of bathing ingredient recipes and their effects and uses. Browse, get inspired and find the right bathing ingredient you’d like to employ and enjoy.

Mental Level

Fruity scents are the right fit for a bath where thoughts and spirits are going towards upcoming plans and activities. Peaches and mangoes, melon and plums, twists of tropical cocktails, deliciously smelling essences of strawberry, raspberry and berries of all kind, zest of bergamot, tangerines, oranges and grapefruit … distinctive aromas that stimulate the mental awareness in us.

Soul Level

Floral scents embody the feminine. Created by nature to allure, attract and to persuade the instincts to be invited and rewarded, affirming self-worthiness and paying homage to the soul. Sweet scented roses and jasmine, bloomy wild jasper and lavender, fruity scents of iris and orange blossom or the freshness of tiara, viola and jonquil. Celebrate your soul by bathing in flower scents.

Sensual Level

Oriental scents pervade sensuality, glamour and pleasure. A reminiscence to the Orient with its
heavy blends of opulent flowers, sweet vanilla, animalic ambergris, balsamic resins, sandalwood, the aromas of ylang ylang, patchouli and musks.
Indulge yourself with an oriental bath and evoke the atmosphere of sensual warmth, excitement and glamour.

Body Level

Wooden and herbal scents resonate with the body dimension. Initiating a feel of quietness, recollection and perception for the nature as our intrinsic home. Resinous aromas of sandalwood, rosewood, birch, cedar, spruce, acacia, juniper or pine, promote this distinctive deep feel of releasing, recreating and well being of the physical body.

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Another factor for bathing is the consistency of the water, which really much defines the character of a bath again. While clear appearing water addresses clarity in mind as well, colored water already turns on the excitement and fun channel of bathing. Milky water spends calming and meditative effect. Creamy water has the cosy body care feel to it while oily water more has the character of a therapy. Bubbling, sizzling water creates the holiday relax feeling while a foam bath brings back memories of childhood. A petal bath is the queen among all baths, which is to appreciate, award and celebrate yourself.

Petal Tip …

Check your next flower shop for sorted out flowers …
great for petal bathing, and probably quite inexpensive to have.

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Scents & Essential Oils

Fancy & Creative | Create Your Own

Though there is great bathing products and endless line-up of bathing additives, it’s neat to have a set of essential oils to make your own personal bathing scent and aroma therapy creations. Experiencing, finding amazing combinations and following inspiring recipes for the very special bath, to respond and commit to your present mood and desire at any time with a creation you can’t buy anywhere. Bottled in a nice flacon, an own bathing additive creation is an exceptional and very personal gift to loved ones as well.

Fascinating as it is, you won’t even need a large collection to begin creating your own mixes and more essential oils can be added to the collection as the passion for more fancy creations rises. Many of the bathing recipes below make use of essential oils to perfect your bathing experience. Technically “essential oils” are not oils but liquids. Though to applying them, often is in combination with a carrier-oil or other carrier-liquid, in our case the bathing water.

Take reasonable care when using an essential oil the first time in the bath as they are complex chemical compounds that one can react allergic to one or another one. Try out each essential oil in little admixtures first to verify tolerance. The correct dosage is quite minimal, since the essential oils usually are pure, very concentrated and bottles are very long lasting. Up to 10 drops in the total mix is enough, then blended with the other ingredients in a bowl or bottle to prepare your own fascinatingly scenting bathing additive. Apply just before immersing to enjoy and nourish yourself with the evaporating essential oils.

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Bathing Salts

Scents & Essential Oils

Bathing salts make the water soft, open up the pores of the skin and through their electrolytes provide better bi-directional ions movement for detoxification and to nourish the body with their minerals and the bathing additives. Bathing salts are applicable for any skin type. Bathing salts differ by their containing iodine and minerals, according to their origin. The range of natural, unprocessed bathing salts goes from pure white sea salt, over pink Himalayan salt to brownish and grey rock salt.

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Bathing Recipes

Cleopatra’s Legendary Secret
Milk & Honey Bath with Myrrh and Rose Petal

Outstanding Skin Treatment & Hommage to Your Sovereignty


Cleopatra of Egypt since then has been considered one of the most beautiful women of the history, and her
Rose Petal, Milk & Honey with Myrrh bath has ever since been known as her legendary secret to her astounding beauty with her soft and splendorous skin.

In fact the Milk‘s lactic acid dissolves the proteins that bind dead skin cells together, achieving a great exfoliation and cleansing effect. The milk’s natural fat on the other hand hydrates and moisturizes the skin, resulting in a very smooth and well-tended skin.

The Honey contained in this bathing recipe has an antiseptic effect, which protects the skin from aging by warding from irritation through biological strain.

The Myrrh ingredient has a very nice, natural, warm and light spicy-sweet scent of balsamic finesse and its potent therapeutic properties again sanitize and protect the skin from infection.

The Cleopatra’s Milk & Honey with Myrrh bath is a great occasion to enhance it as a Rose Petal bath, to enrich it with the heavy and sweet flowery rose scent and to pay homage to the sovereign you carry in yourself.

With this bathing recipe you’ll observe and feel a marked wellness difference to before. The milk’s fat complex will leave your skin slightly oily after the bath for a short while, during which it continues to naturally moisturize your skin and will change over to a smooth appearance of your skin soon after like a lotion.

  • 4-6 cups of fresh heated milk or buttermilk
  • 4-6 tea spoons of honey
  • 6-8 drops myrrh essence
  • 2-3 blossomed sweet scenting roses

Check your next flower store for 2-3 sorted out blossomed roses and pluck the petals in a separate bowl. Fill the bathtub with water to the level and the temperature of your liking. In a bowl mix the warm to hot, but not boiling milk or buttermilk with the honey, which will fully dissolve due to the temperature. Now add the myrrh essence drops right before you lace the mix to the ready bathing water.Strew the fresh rose petals in your bath and immerse for a really great time for your body, mind & soul.

Chocolate Bath with Sweet Gardenia
& Snowbell

The Feel Happy & Peace Bath

Dark Chocolate contains flavanols which by researchers is said to increase serotonin and endorphin production … also called the happy makers. Well, the chocolate addiction effect must come from somewhere.
The Gardena essence adds the heavy sweet smell and enhances the chocolate experience. Like salt makes bread, sweet makes chocolate.
The Snowbell essence amplifies the chocolate note one more time with a wider range of chocolate similar aroma and sweet smells and is said to promote a peaceful and relaxed vibe,

The Milk‘s lactic acid and natural fat again cleanses and moisturizes the skin at the same time for the smooth and well-tended skin.

The ingredients of this bathing recipe makes for a well balanced, blithe indulgence and treat. The luscious smell of chocolate will lull and follow you after this bath.

  • 1-1 ½ cups of cocoa
  • 1 TS Gardena essential oil
  • 1 TS Snowbell essential oil (storax)
  • 4 cups of milk or soy milk

Mix ingredients in a bowl and intermix with the bathing water just before immersing, enjoy.



Sensual Bathing Oil for Rainy Days

Relaxing and Calming

Sandalwood’s woody, sweet and balsamic scent ensnares for a positive and joyous fantasy and mind. Patchouli since thousands of years is deemed to be a protective scent and is said to release from dejection.
The rosy scent of Geranium has balancing and calming characteristics. The refreshing Lemon scent and aroma rounds up the mix of scents with a dynamic note. Almond oil adds its excellent emollient properties to the recipe.

  • 7 drops sandlewood essence
  • 7 drops patchouli essence
  • 3 drops geranium essence
  • 3 drops lime essence
  • 50 ml almond oil

Prepare in a small bowl, fill up the tub with water of your desired temperature, up to the level you like and intermix your sensual bathing oil creation into the water right before immersing. So to nourish yourself with the most intense moment of the vaporing valued aromas first, before they distribute and create the great smell and atmosphere throughout your whole bathroom and hallway.


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