Top 5 Reasons

1 Switching from Working Day to Quality Time

Cultivating a relaxing bath after working day is a good way to find a switch from endeavor and concentration, back to self awareness and inner balance. Bringing tranquility and rest to body, mind and soul and to pamper your senses. A relaxing bath prepares and raises senses for the quality time to come. Being with your partner, meeting friends, going out or staying home is just an even better pleasure.

Bathing Types

Bathing daytime and water temperature affects us mentally and physically. Depending on what is desired or needed, the right daytime and water temperature matters greatly. The range from early to late and from hot, to warm and cold water, comprises very different bathing moods and scopes of application.

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Bathing History

Turkish The Turkish ‘hammam’ (bath) tradition incarnates respect of water and rites, which harness the elements for the cleansing and purification of the body. A hammam was intimately bound to everyday’s life, and frequently visited from men and woman at separate hours, for people of every rank and class, rich and poor, young and old. There had been over 300 public hammams in Istanbul in the 16th century. Like its Roman predecessor a typical hammam consists of three basic, interconnected rooms: the sıcaklık (or hararet -caldarium), which is the hot room; the warm room (tepidarium), which is the intermediate room; and the soğukluk, which is the cool room (frigidarium). The finest example of the Turkish hammam culture was the monumental Çemberlitaş Hamami, built 1584 in Instanbul.

Bathing Ingredients and Recipes

Our skin is a permeable organ that expels toxicants out of the body and absorbs applied substances which then can be detected in the body after just a few minutes.
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